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Football meme: [1/3] Quotes

Football gives you life. Or at least, a sense of life.

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imagine your icon teaching you how to french kis

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theres was a bomb found in a store here and everyone who lives near has to leave their house omg

Hi guys! I simply wanted to appreciate you for making my dashboard such an enjoyable place that keeps me up at night. Every single one of you is very special and I’m very pleased with the opportunity of following you. I also want to mention the anon that encouraged me to do this ff. Thank you all so much! :) 

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party kind of day

Good luck on your new adventure in America, Frank!

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"Bastian told me: You realised my dream, you made me the happiest man in the world!" - Mario Goetze

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Pictured at JFK ahead of his unveiling at New York City FC

Lamps is looking fine but it’s too sad to see him wear another shirt :(

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"We all follow the Chelsea over land and sea"

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